Climate Change Research, Consultancy & Advisory (CCRCA)


Climate change is affecting everyone across every continent. National economies are disrupted, lives are affected. From anthropogenic causes to ecological, social and economic losses, climate change is a serious global issue that needs awareness, research, robust global and domestic policies and legally binding laws.

Friends For Future series of webinars on π„π§π―π’π«π¨π§π¦πžπ§π­πšπ₯ π‹πšπ° | “Trade and Climate Change – Addressing Climate Change under World Trade Organization (WTO)” | Speaker: Ms. Bijetri Roy

InsPIRE Lecture Series: Strategies and Options for Net Zero with Dr Kirit Parikh


With the vision and mission to create awareness on climate change, talk about how climate change affects us, and what we can do to combat this global catastrophe, Bijetri Roy, Managing Director & Chief Strategy Officer, InsPIRE decided to spearhead Climate Change Research, Consultancy & Advisory (CCRCA) under the aegis of Institute for Pioneering Insightful Research & Edutech Pvt. Ltd (InsPIRE).

While at present, the work of CCRCA comprises blogs and research articles on climate change, we look forward to collaborations with

  • Think Tanks
  • Governmental and Non governmental organizations and agencies
  • Ministries and Departments
  • Universities in India and abroad
  • Other Research Organizations

This is a sincere endeavour on our part to be part of the global fight against climate change, and provide solutions.

Meet the CCRCA Team

Bijetri Roy (Founder and Head)